Schedule of the MVFW Asia 2023

    Mar. 28Panel TalkFashion Opera: Aesthetics In The MetaverseGemma A. Williams(Ambessorder of MVFW Asia 2023), Alastair White, Simon Mitchell, and Lillian HeEvents.Decentraland
    Mar. 28歌剧 "CAPITAL"A tale of dematerialization and symbolismWriter: Alastair White, Performed by Kelly Poukens, Danced by Zara Sands 
    Mar. 28走秀 CatwalkCHENPENG  
    Mar. 29Roundtable: Designer-on-DesignerDematerialisation in FashionHost: Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro(head of the Metaverse Fashion Week), Chenpeng, Feng Chen WangEvents.Decentraland
    Mar. 29Digital ShowcaseFormless, Victor Wong  
    Mar. 28 - 31Beauty De Chine “中国有大美”(展覽活動, POAP GIVEAWAY ACTIVITY)WWD ChinaEvents.Decentraland
    Mar. 28 - 31Exhibition&Giveaway 展览与赠与OAT GIVEAWAY ACTIVITYCREATORDAOEvents.Decentraland
    Mar. 28 - 31Exhibition&Giveaway展览与赠与Wearable NFTsPOPPY x SOUL MAGICEvents.Decentraland
    Mar. 28 - 31Exhibition展览Hanfu MuseumMetaverse LabsEvents.Decentraland

    DAY 1

      28 March 8:30PM (UTC+8)

      Panel Discussion:
      Fashion Opera: Aesthetics In The Metaverse
      Sponsor: Tong
      Host : Gemma A. Williams
      (Ambessorder of MVFW Asia 2023)
      Speakers: Alastair White, Simon Mitchell and Lillian He"CAPITAL"
      Writer: Alastair White
      Performed by Kelly Poukens
      Danced by Zara Sands

      DAY 2

        29 March 9:00PM (UTC+8)

        Roundtable: Designer-on-Designer
        Topic: Dematerialisation in Fashion
        Presented by TONG featuring Chen Peng and Feng Chen Wang
        Host: Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro
        (head of metaverse fashion week)
        Speakers: Chenpeng, Feng Chen WangDigital Showcase
        Victor Wong


          28 March 8:30PM (UTC+8)

          WWD China “中国有大美.”
          (展覽活動, POAP GIVEAWAY ACTIVITY)
          Huaxia Yiguan Zhi, known for its exploration of China's classical literature and culture, will make its debut in Decentraland's Asia Metaverse Fashion Week along with 10 Chinese original designers. Metaverse Labs will collaborate with WWD China to construct the "China Has Great Beauty" pavilion in Dragon City, which will be open to the public during the MVFW Asia 2023. "China Has Great Beauty" is a cultural IP initiated by the parent company of WWD China, Huayi Mingtian Group, in 2022. It adheres to the concept of "dialogue with the world through fashion" and extracts and combs through the ancient and modern fashion trends in China's long history, combining one hundred years of fashion classics with innovative fashion creativity to embrace the future by returning to the past.


            29 March 9:00PM (UTC+8)

            CREATOR DAO
            (展覽活動, OAT GIVEAWAY ACTIVITY)
            Provided by CREATORDAO
            The CreatorDAO's fashion week pavilion is built around the concept of a "web3 tree", with undulating landscapes covering the Lens CN Community and Raid exhibition halls, surrounding an inner courtyard. The "web3 tree" takes root in the courtyard and grows upwards, expanding horizontally across the levels to form the building's interior. The exhibition showcases CreatorDAO's various practices in the web3 field. The "web3 tree" is covered in a silk-like skin, presenting a floating and dancing appearance that echoes the theme of the fashion week.


              28 March 8:30PM (UTC+8)

              【POPPY x SOUL MAGIC】
              Poppy is a fashion lifestyle brand that bridges the exploration of self-expression from web3 to the real world. We are here to simultaneously create not only physical fashion but also digital versions, so everyone has the freedom to define and redefine their sense of style; ultimately, we want to empower individuals to be able to express who they are no matter where they are. Soul Magic is a popular magic-themed RPG in Decentraland. Players can collect resources and craft wearables from the game.
              * wearable giveaway (by Soul Magic)


                29 March 9:00PM (UTC+8)

                Hanfu Museum Open Day
                A history of more than 3,000 years's Exhibition

                Metaverse Fashion Opera

                WTF is MVFO

                The concept of Metaverse Fashion Opera (MVFO) comes from a brainstorm in a call between Gemma, Alastair, and Roy. And soon, the story behind the first metaverse fashion opera, #CAPITAL, is created and composed by Alastair.The immersive, reality-bending imagination of China’s first metaverse platform Dragon City will combine with Fashion Opera to create a new work — and a new stage in developing this nascent genre. A collective of artists and designers will collaborate on a piece that excavates the history of the Metaverse, telling its story from the very beginning of human experience to its realization in MVFW 23. This is a tale of dematerialization and symbolism: from the first time someone exchanged a token for an object, or a symbol — a word — for a being in the world — all the way through gold bars and bank notes, or the virtual reality of novels and epic poetry — to bitcoin, avatars and Dragon City itself.Featuring the designs of Chenpeng, a brand that sees no boundary between beauty and ugliness, the possible and the impossible, and the work of which has been characterized by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen (ANTIDOTE magazine) as both “anti-tradition and deviant,” as well as virtuosic dancers, performers, and sopranos. This is the story of becoming something else — where everything is always possible. The concept of Metaverse Fashion Opera comes from a brainstorm in a call between Gemma, Alastair, and Roy. And soon, the story behind the first metaverse fashion opera, #CAPITAL, is created and composed by Alastair.

                What Media Say About MVFO

                "This new work develops the methodology both by its translation into the digital realm of the metaverse, and through the incorporation of architecture into its collaborative networks."
                -- Architecture Magazine

                "In a ground-breaking exploration of the synergies between, fashion, opera, and technology, the 2023 Metaverse Fashion Week will open with the premiere of #CAPITAL"
                -- International Arts Manager

                "Music does not exist in some kind of external relationship with technology. It is itself a technology, a virtual machine, one that extends our perceptual abilities better than any Oculus"
                -- Cent Magazine

                “#CAPITAL tracks the progress of human exchange from the first time a symbol was used to represent an object, through to gold bars, bank notes and NFTs.”
                -- Classical Music

                “Now is the time for fashion brands to innovate, with the widespread shift in consumer behaviour post-pandemic, rise of digital fashion and changing face of luxury.”
                -- Framepublishers

                歌剧 #CAPITAL
                Made By The Talent People

                The Founders of MVFO

                Alastair White

                Composer and Writer of Fashion Opera: #CAPITAL

                Alastair White (b.1988) is a Scottish composer and writer. His work is characterized by a lyrical complexity that draws influence from technology, science, politics, and materialism, and has been described as "a whole exciting new genre of art" (BBC Radio 3), “spellbinding” (Boulezian), "perfect" (Vogue Italia), "genuinely original" (TEMPO), “highly poetic...excellent” (BBC Music Magazine), "deftly manic" (American Record Guide) "passionately atonal" (Gramophone) and "the height of compositional magnificence" (Fanfare).

                Gemma A. Williams

                Ambessorder of MVFW Asia 2023

                Gemma A. Williams is a writer and curator with a particular interest in the China market and Chinese designers. She is the editorial director at the luxury China publication Jing Daily where she launched the metaverse vertical Jing Meta. Gemma completed an MA in Fashion Curation at the London College of Fashion and a BA in Communications (Film & Broadcasting) from Trinity College Dublin.

                Roy Zou

                Engineer of the Wonderful

                Roy has been one of the early enlighteners of Blockchain since 2011 in China. He was the most dedicated initiator of the crypto communities, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, and is well-known for educating, also a pioneer entrepreneur in the Blockchain industry, founding the Blockchain Ventures studio Goedel Labs in 2017 and the first startup of the Metaverse project in China-- Metaverse Labs, in 2018.

                House of Synergos


                “Designing an opera house in the metaverse immediately appealed to my sense of all things Avant-Garde. The hyperbolic paraboloid is a structure symbolising modernisation and progress and so it appears here in Dragon City as a defining feature of the ‘House of Synergos’ existing at the intersection of what is inspired by the past and yet transcends us infinitely beyond that, the dream of all architects”.“The House of Synergos by Sybarite is where architecture, music and fashion come together in perfect synergy to interact and explore the possibilities of living in another reality”.“At Synergos, the house sets the scene for a Fashion Opera. Three boundaryless minds coming together: Sybarite, UU Studios and Chenpeng at Dragon City, each with a special interest in all that connects us with China”.
                Simon Mitchell, Co-Founder, Sybarite
                “在元宇宙中设计一座歌剧院立即吸引了我对先锋艺术的感觉。双曲抛物面是一种象征现代化和进步的结构,因此它出现在龙城的 'Synergos 之家' 中,成为该建筑的一个定义特征,它存在于启发自过去、却超越我们无限远的交汇处,是所有建筑师梦寐以求的。"
                “Synergos 之家由 Sybarite 设计,这是建筑、音乐和时尚完美融合,互动和探索在另一个现实中生活的可能性的地方。"
                “在 Synergos,这座房子为时装歌剧奠定了基调。三个没有界限的思想汇聚在一起:Sybarite、UU Studios 和陈鹏在龙城,每个人都对连接我们与中国的一切都有着特别的兴趣。”
                西蒙·米切尔(Simon Mitchell),Sybarite 联合创始人。

                WWD China
                Beaute de Chine 中国有大美

                We are proud to announce that Metaverse Labs will collaborate with WWD China to build Beaute de Chine (中国有大美) Museum in the Dragon City. “Beaute de Chine” is a sensational cultural IP launched by WWD China’s parent company, China mind NEXT, in 2022. Centering on the concept of “Global Conversations through Fashion Platforms,” it aims to refine, extract and sort out the development and inheritance of ancient and modern fashion achievements. Taking fashion classics of the past century as inspiration, it intends to spark fashion creativity in contemporary times and project the future by returning to the past.From the two-dimensional content, including pictures, articles, and videos, to the theme exhibition halls in the metaverse, “Beaute de Chine” presents a variety of content around ancient and modern fashion in both virtual and real narratives. This in-depth dissemination creates the traditional culture, fashion aesthetics, cross-border cooperation related to physical products, and unexpected creation, shares the beauty of the East with the world, and contributes to the knowledge map for the fashion industry to tap into the cultural endowment at the same time fully.
                Metaverse Labs将与WWD China进行跨界合作,在龙城建造「中国有大美」馆并计划在2023亚洲元宇宙时装周(MVFW Asia 2023)对外开放。「中国有大美」是WWD中文版母公司华意明天集团在2022年发起的现象级文化IP,秉承“以时尚为媒,与世界对话”的理念,在悠久历史中提炼、萃取、梳理古今时尚脉络,一百年时尚经典,激荡今日时尚创意,以回到过去的方式走向未来。从图文视频二维内容,到元宇宙中的主题展览馆,「中国有大美」一系列围绕古今时尚的内容被在虚实两边被铺陈叙述、深度传播,衍生出与传统文化、时尚美学、跨界合作相关的实物产品和未知创意,与世界分享东方之美的同时,为时尚产业充分应用文化贡献知识图谱。


                BRAND INTRODUCTION
                Shang Hai Xuan Peng Trading Co., Ltd was estab- lished in 2016, the brand CHENPENG was established in 2015 by Peng Chen. The brand is based in London.
                The company mainly imports and export textile and garments such as clothing, shoes, and hats. The prod- ucts are exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Denmark and many more.
                CHENPENG’s collections are stocked internationally in over 70 boutiques, retailers, as well as department stores such as Dover Street Market, SSENSE, Opening Ceremony, Leclaireur, Luisa Via Roma, Isetan, Joyce, Galeries Lafayette. The brand’s customers include celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Bella Hadid, Fan Bingbing etc.
                Chen Peng graduated from London College of Fashion, where he received a Master's degree in Menswear Fashion Design Technology. His works can be defined as the One-sized Fashion, speaking for the minority with special body sizes. In Peng’s design aesthetics, there are no boundaries between beauty and ugliness. Instead, he focuses on accentuating personal features. Peng designs pieces suitable for both over-sized and skinny masses by comparing different body shapes among various individuals. Anders Sølvsten Thomsen, the stylist from ANTIDOTE magazine, described Peng’s work as “anti-tradition and deviant.”

                Tree of Web3

                CreatorDAO's Fashion Week pavilion is built with the “Tree of Web3" as the core of the building. The undulating hill-like landscape covers the Lens CN Community and showrooms and surrounds the inner plaza, where the Tree of Web3 is rooted and grows upward, spreading horizontally on each level to form the inner part of the building. Inside the building, CreatorDAO's practices in the field of Web3 are exhibited, and the "Tree of Web3" is wrapped in a satin-like skin, echoing the theme of the fashion week in a floating and dancing manner.CreatorDAO的时装周展馆以“web3之树”为建筑内核,像山丘一样起伏的景观覆盖着Lens CN Community展厅和Raid展厅,包围着内广场,web3之树扎根于内广场并向上生长,在各层向水平展开,形成了建筑的内部,展有CreatorDAO在web3领域的各项实践,“web3之树”被绸缎样的表皮包裹着,以漂浮、飞舞的姿态呼应着时装周的主题。

                Hanfu Museum

                Hanfu is the traditional clothing worn by the Han ethnic group in China, which has a history of more than 3,000 years.
                Hanfu has a unique style that reflects the culture and values of ancient China, the dominant style of clothing in China until the end of the Ming dynasty in the 17th century.
                In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in Hanfu, particularly among young people in China, who wear it as a way to connect with their cultural heritage.
                Hanfu Museum is a builidng constructed by Metaverse Labs team to demonstrate of this unique culture.
                Hanfu 是指中国汉族传统服装,历史悠久,有超过三千年的历史。"Hanfu"这个词字面意思是"汉族人的服装"。
                Hanfu 的风格独特,反映了古代中国的文化和价值观。传统的 Hanfu 通常由长袍或长袍组成,袖子宽大,宽松。Hanfu 的风格和颜色因场合和穿着者的社会地位而异。
                Hanfu 一直是中国的主流服装,直到17世纪明朝末期被清朝满族风格的服装逐渐取代。近年来,Hanfu 再次受到关注,特别是在中国的年轻人中间,他们穿着 Hanfu 作为连接文化遗产的一种方式。

                Wearable NFTs Market

                CHENPENG GREEN


                CHENPENG BLACK

                by CHENPENG

                CHENPENG PINK

                by CHENPENG

                Poppy Jumpsuit

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                Space Tracksuit

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                Retromodern Top

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                Poppy Qipao

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                Poppy Hoodie Set

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                Poppy Black Dress

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